Captured Spirits Mackinac

collageA tribute to American a time before photography.  This exhibit is one of the most impressive and ambitious undertakings in publishing history under the guidance of Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Thomas Loraine McKenney...

...a condensed exhibit of the most spectacular images of our nation's Native American dignitaries from the early 1800,s.  Tepresenting 19 tribes, some of which once visited Mackinac Island.  Imagine the impact they share in condducting tribal busines and hear the stories of Chief's, warriors, princesses and orators.  See the mix of traditional & European styles and ornaments in superb color.  The pieces are derived from original oil portraits painted from life, that once hung at the War Department in Washington and later at the Smithsonian Institute.

The exhibit on Mackinac Island is at 7463 Market St. 906-847-4011

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